A Beinning . . .

My first awareness of the Human Design System was in California, prior to 2002.  I saw an ad (in one of the many newspapers) about The Human Design System – to which my mind immediately said “It’s just another ‘thing; coming down the pike – there are so many “things” out there already!”  I was entirely over busy and had no room to take on another thing.  Now that I’ve been in my experiment a few years, I see that I was really living out all the conditioning (that we all have) to live like some one I am not designed to be – living as my Not Self.   

A few years later I attended a Human Design Introduction by Mary Ann Winiger, who truly lives as herself - her Design, and I was magnetized!  I have been most fortunate to take all the classes I have taken, from her – earning my Living Your Design Guide certification.  There is a major difference in teaching from the mind and teaching from the ‘living it’!   

The first “gift” Human Design gave me is how to communicate correctly with the other Types of people.  What a difference!  We know that communication is the foundational key to any and all relationships – key to getting along with our fellow human beings.  And this life is all about relating.  

The Human Design System came through Ra Uru Hu, 23 years ago.  I soon learned that “Love Yourself”, including self-acceptance, is not simply a saying, it is the core foundation of The Human Design System – which I greatly appreciate.  Knowing that the majority of the people worldwide are weak in this area, or have issues with self-acceptance - see, feel, sense, think what a “tool” Human Design can be for all of us!  
It takes seven years to de-condition – all our trillion body cells.  When I heard this fact, my mind went – “but what about all the years I spent meditating?  all the years I have been working on my self?  All the years I spent in self-help workshops, seminars, reading books, listening to cassette tapes?”  It was not easy to accept that after all that, I still did not know my true nature – what is naturally and uniquely me!      

As I began my experiment of WAITING FOR AN INVITATION, I was discovering, under layers of conditioning, that my true nature was almost totally opposite of how I had been living – opposite of who I thought I was!  For instance, Instead of being the star networker, my true Design is a hermit.  I still can bring people together (network), but do so correctly – when invited.  This makes all the difference, for the positive, in the world.   

Mind, of course, made a big story of – “If I live as a hermit and have to wait for an invitation, how is anyone going to know where I am to invite me!”  The more I experiment with being my true nature of hermit, the more my life “magically’ flows – in ways more beautiful than my mind has ever conceived.  My frequency is clearer, with less of the conditionings, which attracts more of what is in alignment with me.  People do “find” me – who are correct for me.   

Waiting!  No one likes to wait.  Waiting has been the biggest challenge for me.  The biggest waiting is waiting for Manifestor (only Type that is it initiate) daughter to phone me.  If I phone her, there actually is no true connection – the energies are so different!  When she phones me, it is so much more “potent’!  

The more I would catch myself in the old habit pattern of initiating (conversation, phone calls, etc.) and turned to my strategy, the more I was aware of a deep inner changing, unfolding.  Words are limited when expressing experience, but it was, and is, like a pilot light growing into a flame.  This inner peace is integral with self-acceptance and self-love (not at all narcissistic).  I have come to realize that this is what I had been searching for all my life and did not know it!  Along with this, a deep trust in my decision-making process is growing, which ignites and fosters a genuine trust in my life as it unfolds.  

The more I follow my strategy and authority, the more self-acceptance, self-love, peace, joy, fun I experience.